Study the following information and answer the questions given below:

In a certain code, the symbol for 0 (zero) is @ and for 1 is $. There are no other symbols for all other numbers greater than one. The numbers greater than 1 are to be written only by using the two symbols given above. The value of the symbol for 1, doubles itself every time it shifts one place to the left. Study the following example
‘0’ is written as @
‘1’ is written as $
‘2’ is written as $@
‘3’ is written as $$
‘4’ is written as $@@ and so on

Question 157

Which of the following will represent 8 ?


The pattern followed is that the numbers are given in binary form. Eg :- 2 is written as '10' and 3 as '11' and so on.

Thus, binary code for 8 = '1000' represented as = $@@@

=> Ans - (E)

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