Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below :
In a certain code language, ‘paint your house red’ is written as `ri fm ew cu’
`gate of red colour’ is written as ‘lb ew op sa’
‘house of your choice’ is written as ‘sa cu ri nk’
`gate with red paint’ is written ‘gy op ew fm’
(All codes are two letter codes only)

Question 15

If ‘colour with canvas’ is coded as ‘hv lb gy’ in the given code language, then what is
the code for ‘canvas of choice’?


From conditions I & II, the only common word 'red' - ew

=> From II & IV, code for 'gate' - op

=> From I & IV, code for 'paint' - fm

Now, from IV and keeping above statements in mind, code for 'with' -gy

From II & III, code for 'of' - sa

Now, since codes for 'red','gate','of' is known, from II ,code for 'colour' - lb

=> Comparing these with the question given, code for 'canvas' - hv

From I & III, there are two common words 'house' & 'your' either coded as 'ri' or 'cu' and since the code for 'of' is known,

Thus, from III, code for 'choice' - nk

=> canvas of choice - nk hv sa

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