Read the passage below and choose the correct answer for questions 131-135

"A little learning is a dangerous thing" - when Alexander Pope wrote this famous line he had in mind contemporary poetasters, versifiers, and critics who made themselves ridiculous on account of their shallow and superficial knowledge. But what was said about these people has a ring of universal truth. In every walk of life, be it arts or literature, science or politics, engineering or economics, law or administration, incomplete and superficial knowledge always leads to dangerous consequences. An ill-educated teacher will misguide the students. An incompetent surgeon would play with the lives of his patients. An ill-trained solider will become a danger to his comrades rather than his enemies. A lawyer without a thorough knowledge of law would min his clients, similarly, an inefficient engineer will build bridges which may fall under the weigl1t of the vehicles on it. Therefore, we cannot rely on persons who are not proficient in their subject. Such persons are a danger to themselves and to others also. They never realize their short comings and hence make no progress. A man of little learning is more prone to be conceited than a really learned person, for the latter regards himself as a mere child gathering pebbles on the shores of the ocean of knowledge.

Question 135

Who is a mere child gathering pebbles on the shore of the ocean of knowledge?

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