JEE (Advanced) 2019 Paper-2 Question 13

Question 13

Suppose a $$_{88}^{226} Ra$$ nucleus at rest and in ground state undergoes $$\alpha-$$decay to a $$_{86}^{222} Rn$$ nucleus in its excited state. The kinetic energy of the emitted $$\alpha$$ particle is found to be 4.44 MeV. $$_{86}^{222} Rn$$ nucleus then goes to its ground state by $$\gamma-$$decay. The energy of the emitted $$\gamma$$ photon is ________ ke V.
[Given: atomic mass of $$_{88}^{226} Ra = 226.005 u,$$ atomic mass of $$_{86}^{222} Rn = 222.000 u,$$ atomic mass of $$\alpha$$ particle = 4.000 u, $$1 u = 931 Me V/c^2,$$ c is speed of the light]

Correct Answer: e

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