In the given questions, two quantities are given, one as Quantity I and another as Quantity II. You have to determine relationship between two quantities and choose the appropriate option.

a: If quantity I ≥ quantity II
b: If quantity I > quantity II
c: If quantity I < quantity II
d: If quantity I = quantity II or the relationship cannot be established from the information that is given
e: If quantity quantity II

Question 120

Three equal circles are drawn on a triangle ABC, with points A, B and C as the centres. Radius of each of the
circle is equal to half of the side of the triangle ABC. (Figure not to the scale)

Area of shaded region 1 = $$128\frac{1}{3}cm^{2}$$
Quantity :
I. The area of the shaded region 2 ( in cm^{2} )
II. 30 cm^{2}

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