Question 106

Present ages of Radha and Sudha are in the ratio of 7 : 9 respectively. Five years ago ratio of their ages that time was 3 : 4. What will be Sudha’s age after 3 years from now ?


Let the present ages of Radha and Sudha be R and S respectively. 
Hence, R:S = 7:9 and (R-5):(S-5)=3:4
So, 9R = 7S and 4R-20 = 3S-15 or 4R = 3S+5

From the first equation, 36R=28S and from the second equation, 36R = 27S+45
Therefore, 28S = 27S+45 or S=45
So, Sudha's age three years from now will be 48 years old.

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