RRB ALP 9th Aug 2018 shift-1 Question 10

Question 10

Consider the given statement true and decide which of the conclusions logically follow(s) from the information given in the statement.
The population in metro cities is increasing tremendously which leads to the shortage of living space and a drop in living conditions of the people.
1. Government should re-plan city development.
2. Government should demolish illegal buildings and build cottages for people.


In Conclusion 1, the effective measure to be taken by the Government is stated. Re-planning of city an generate effective spaces so it is the best measure to avoid the congestion in metro cities.

In Conclusion 2, demolishing illegal buildings will increase congestion as the homeless peoples will need rehabilitation centers. Moreover, after demolishing buildings, cottage building should not be done as it will increase more congestion in the metro city.

So, Conclusion 1 follows.

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