JEE (Advanced) 2018 Paper-1 Question 10


For each question, enter the correct numerical value (in decimal notation, truncated/rounded-off to the second decimal place; e.g. 6.25, 7.00, -0.33, -.30, 30.27, -127.30) using the mouse and the on-screen virtual numeric keypad in the place designated to enter the answer.

Question 10

A spring-block system is resting on a friction less floor as shown in the figure. The spring constant is 2.0 $$Nm^{-1}$$ and the mass of the block is 2.0 kg. Ignore the mass of the spring. Initially the spring is in an unstretched condition. Another block of mass 1.0 kg moving with a speed of 2.0 $$ms^{-1}$$ collides elastically with the first block. The collision is such that the 2.0 kg block does not hit the wall. The distance, in metres, between the two blocks when the spring returns to its unstretched position for the first time after the collision is _________.

Correct Answer: e

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