JEE (Advanced) 2019 Paper-2 Question 10

Question 10

A 10 cm long perfectly conducting wire PQ is moving with a velocity 1 cm/s on a pair of horizontal rails of zero resistance. One side of the rails is connected to an inductor L = 1 mH and a resistance $$R = 1 Ω$$ as shown in figure. The horizontal rails, L and R lie in the same plane with a uniform magnetic field B = 1 T perpendicularto the plane. If the key S is closed at certain instant, the current in the circuit after 1 millisecond is $$x \times 10^{-3} A$$, where the value of x is ___________ .
[Assume the velocity of wire PQ remains constant (1 cm/s) after key S is closed. Given: $$e^{-1} = 0.37$$, where e is base of the natural logarithm ]

Correct Answer: e

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