SSC Stenographer 7th Feb 2019 Shift-I


Read the passage and choose the correct option to answer the questions.

Ladakh does not have any lions. tigers or panthers. It however. has a leopard peculiar to the region. This is the snow leopard, obviously so called because the animal is usually found near the snow-line, and when seen from a distance, seems to be white or snowy. The snow leopard is sometimes called the sated cheetah.
The snow leopard as the name indicates. is essentially an inhabitant of the high snowy mountains and is found all along the snow lines of the Himalayas. But they can be seen only rarely as they are nocturnal in their habits. There has been a great diminution in their numbers in recent decades, as much from the growing scarcity of their natural prey as due to the greater availability of arms to the natives, who attack and kill the animal for its valuable fur or just for fun. The snow leopard preys heavily on the innocent fellow denizens of the Himalayan heights: bharaL of whom it is especially fond, shapo, ibex and marmot. This has made the animal whose appearance disturbs the animals in a locality for days together.

Question 171

In what context does the writer mention the lions and the tigers?

Question 172

The snow leopard is so called because:

Question 173

The central idea of the passage is:

Question 174

The writer mentions the shapo, ibex and marmot:


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 175

Select the alternative that will improve the underlined part of the sentence. In case there is no improvement required, select "No improvement".
Jim Corbett was one of the greatest shikaris of India.

Question 176

Select the most appropriate meaning of the underlined idiom in the given sentence.
The biker was coming at a great speed, I escaped colliding with him by the skin of my teeth.

Question 177

Select the most appropriate antonym of the given word.

Question 178

Select the correct indirect form of the given sentence.
The maid said, "Shall I open the door?"

Question 179

Identify the segment in the sentence which contains the grammatical error.
You / need / not to worry / about money.

Question 180

Select the correct passive form of the given sentence.
His mother laughed at his mistake.

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