SSC Stenographer 11th Nov 2021 Shift-1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

Six friends, A, B, C, D, E and F, are sitting around a circular table facing the centre of the table. A is to the immediate left of E. B is to the immediate right of F. D is second to the left of F. A and C have equal number of persons between them from both the ends. Who is sitting between A and F?

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Question 2

Study the given pattern carefully and select the number that can replace the question mark (?) in it.
57 100
89 181
11 10 ?

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Question 3

Which number will replace the question mark (?) in the given series?
61, 73, 99, 141, 201, ?

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Question 4

₹15,110 is to be divided among Rajesh, Vivek and Kripal in such a way that Rajesh gets double the amount that Vivek gets, and Kripal gets double the amount that Rajesh gets. How much money will Kripal get?

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Question 5

Three of the following four letter-cluster pairs are alike in a certain way and one is different. Pick the odd one out.

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Question 6

Select the option that is related to the third letter-cluster in the same way as the second letter-cluster is related to the first letter-cluster.

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Question 7

Among five persons P, Q, R, S, and T, T is older than P, Q is younger than T, S is older than R, and P is older than S but younger Q. Who is the oldest among all?

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Question 8

Select the correct mirror image of the given combination when the mirror is placed at MN as shown below.

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Question 9

Select the figure that will replace the question mark (?) in the following figure series.

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Question 10

In a certain code language, ZIGSAW is written as BOHTEX and BLUFF is written as CMAGG. How will MOVEMENT be written in that language?

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