SSC MTS 6th October Shift-3


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 81

Which of the following states has the highest coal reserve?

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Question 82

The European Champions Cup or Heineken Cup is associated with which sport?

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Question 83

The procedure for the nomination of members to the Rajya Sabha in the Constitution of India is borrowed from which of the following countries’ constitution?

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Question 84

Identify the waterways which separate the Andaman and the Nicobar Islands?

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Question 85

The Paithani saree weaving industry is in which state?

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Question 86

In which of the following cities was the Veda Samaj established in 1864?

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Question 87

Which place had water harvesting system channeling the flood water of the Ganga river in the first century B.C?

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Question 88

What does Article 360 of the Constitution of India provide with?

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Question 89

‘Harshacharita’ (The Deeds of Harsha), which is the biography of Indian Emperor
Harsha, was written by _______.

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Question 90

The ‘Veeragase’ dance, performed during the Dusshera festival holds a special place in the folk dances of the state of ______.

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