SSC MTS 5th Oct 2021 Shift-3


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 81

The book titled 'My Journey: Transforming Dreams into Actions' is an autobiography of:

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Question 82

In which of the following states of India is the buffalo breed named 'Banni' mainly reared?

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Question 83

With which of the following states is the folk dance named 'Terah Taali' traditionally associated?

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Question 84

Which of the following rivers form Kunchikal waterfall in Karnataka?

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Question 85

Which of the following factors is responsible for the disease called 'Mad Hatter Disease'?

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Question 86

Which of the following states had an Upper House in the state legislature as of 31 July 2020?

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Question 87

Which of the following body parts is directly affected in the disease called rickets?

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Question 88

Which State/Union Territory is traditionally associated with a yogurt-based gravy dish called 'Yakhni'?

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Question 89

In which of the following regions of India is the natural habitat of White-bellied Heron largely distributed?

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Question 90

In which of the following weight categories did Sakshi Malik win an Olympic medal in the year 2016?

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