SSC JE Mechanical Engineering 3rd March 2017 Shift-2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

Provision of fins on a given heat transfer surface will be more if there are _____.

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Question 2

Which of the following would lead to a reduction in thermal resistance?

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Question 3

Inspite of large heat transfer coefficients in boiling liquids, fins are used advantageously when the entire surface is exposed to _____.

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Question 4

The parameter(s) responsible for loss of heat from a hot pipe surface in a room without fans would include _____.

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Question 5

The figure given below shows the variation of temperature across the thickness of materials with different thermal conductivities under steady states. Curve C will be the applicable when thermal conductivity of the material ____

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Question 6

On a summer day, a scooter rider feels more comfortable while on the move than while at a stop light because _____.

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Question 7

In radiative heat transfer, a gray surface is one _____.

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Question 8

The property of a working substance, which increases or decreases according to the heat supplied or removed in a reversible manner, is called _____.

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Question 9

Triple point _____.

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Question 10

Non quasistatic process is _____.

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