SSC JE Mechanical Engineering 25th May 2014 Shift-2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 191

Using Blasius equation, the friction factor for turbulent flow through pipes varies as

Question 192

The specific speed ($$N_S$$) of a centrifugal pump is given by

Question 193

Pressure intensity inside the water droplets is (where $$\sigma$$ - surface tension, d - diameter of bubble)

Question 194

The length of a rectangular weir is L and height $$H_1$$. The maximum depth of water on the upstream side of the weir is H. Flow rate over the notch (Q) is

Question 195

Low specific speed of a turbine implies that it is

Question 196

Flow of water in a pipe about 3 metres in, diameter can be measured by

Question 197

In a pitot tube, at the stagnation point

Question 198

Navier — Stokes equations are associated with

Question 199

A hydrometer is used to determine

Question 200

In flow through a pipe, the transition from laminar to turbulent flow does not depend on

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