SSC JE Mechanical Engineering 24th Jan 2018 Shift-2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 171

During the flow, the separation occurs when

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Question 172

The continuity equation

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Question 173

For a laminar flow

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Question 174

The path of jet discharging from bottom opening in a tank full of water will be

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Question 175

An air vessel is provided at the summit in the syphon in order to

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Question 176

The general equation of continuity for three-dimensional flow of a compressible fluid for steady flow is (u, v, w, are components of velocity in x, y and z direction).

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Question 177

If u, v, w are the components of the velocity v of a moving particle, then the equation $$\frac{u}{dx} = \frac{v}{dy} = \frac{w}{dz}$$ represents an equation of

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Question 178

The pressure in pipes fluids flowing is proportional to

A] $$\frac{1}{inside  diameter  of  pipe  (d)}$$

B] $$\frac{1}{d^2}$$

C] $$\frac{1}{d^3}$$

D] $$\frac{1}{d^4}$$

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Question 179

If $$l_1, l_2, l_3$$ etc. be the lengths and $$d_1, d_2, d_3$$ etc. be the diameters of the parts of a compound pipe, then length L and diameter D of a uniform equivalent pipe will be related as under

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Question 180

Uniform flow occurs when

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