SSC JE Mechanical Engineering 23rd Jan 2018 Shift-2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 171

The losses due to sudden contraction are expressed by

A] $$\frac{V_1^2 - V_2^2}{2g}$$ B] $$\frac{V_2^2 - V_1^2}{2g}$$ C] $$\frac{(V_1 - V_2)^2}{g}$$  D] $$\frac{(V_1 - V_2)^2}{2g}$$

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Question 172

Cipolletti notch is designed as trapezoid with its sides sloping at 1 horizontal and

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Question 173

The flow in venturi flume takes place at

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Question 174

A hydraulic ram acts like

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Question 175

The rise of liquid along the walls of a revolving cylinder as compared to depression at the center with respect to initial level is

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Question 176

The most economical section of a rectangular channel for maximum discharge is obtained when its depth is equal to

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Question 177

In case of a two dimensional flow the components of velocity are given by $$ u = ax; v = by, $$ the point where no motion occurs, is known as

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Question 178

The head loss in case of hot water flow through a pipe compared to cold water flow will be

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Question 179

Maximum efficiency of transmission of power through a pipe is

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Question 180

In the case of turbulent flow

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