SSC JE Mechanical Engineering 1st March 2017 Shift-2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 11

The type of motion when the acceleration is proportional to displacement is called _____.

Question 12

The escape velocity of a body on earth _____.

Question 13

The velocity of the satellite in an orbit close to earth's surface depends on _____.

Question 14

A circular disc rolls down an inclined plane, the fraction of its total energy associated with its rotation is _____.

Question 15

An object weighs 60 gm in air, 50 gm in water and 40 gm in oil. Then the specific gravity of the oil will be _____.

Question 16

The value of coefficient of velocity compared to coefficient of discharge _____.

Question 17

Property of a fluid by which molecules of different kinds of fluids are attracted to each other is called _____.

Question 18

The depth of water below the spillway and after hydraulic jump are 1 m and 6 m respectively. The head loss will be _____.

Question 19

If no resistance is encountered by displacement, such a substance is known as _____.

Question 20

Head loss in turbulent flow in a pipe _____.

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