SSC JE Electrical Engineering 29th Jan 2018 Shift-1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 191

In figure the forward characteristics of a silicon diode is represented by

Question 192

The numberof diodes required in a bridge rectifier circuit is

Question 193

In the figure below you see an electronic component. Which type of electronics component is shown in the figure?

Question 194

The current gain of commonbase amplifier is

Question 195

synchronous motor can be madeself starting by providing

Question 196

A synchronous motor working at leading power factor can be used as

Question 197

In a synchronous motor hunting occurs due to _____.

Question 198

A synchronous motoris running with normal excitation. When the load is
increased the armature current drawnbyit increases because

Question 199

Due to which one ofthe following reasons a synchronous motorfails to pull into
synchronism after applying D.C. field current ?

Question 200

As the load is applied to a synchronous motor, the motor takes more armature
current because

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