SSC JE Electrical Engineering 27th Jan 2018 Shift-1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 191

The circuit that would be used for 455 kHz, if amplifier is

Question 192

A transistor is a combination of two p-n junction with their

Question 193

What are the ON/OFF terminals of a transistor when it is operated as a switch?

Question 194

If negative feedback is used in the amplifier circuit, it______.

Question 195

The power factor of a synchronous motor ,When the field is under-excited

Question 196

To limit the operating temperature of synchronous motor, it should have proper

Question 197

A synchronous machine with large air gap has_______.

Question 198

synchronous motor speed

Question 199

The magnitude of field flux in a 3-phase synchronous machine

Question 200

In a synchronous motor, the magnitude of back e.m.f depends on______.

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