SSC JE Civil Engineering 2nd March 2017 Shift-2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 181

Asoka, arguably the most famous ruler of early India, conquered _____, present-day coastal Orissa.

Question 182

Ibn Battuta was a _____ who wrote about his travels to India in the fourteenth century

Question 183

One of the earliest Bhakti movements were led by the Nayanars, who were devotees of _____.

Question 184

Phonograph was invented by which scientist?

Question 185

Consider the following pairs
Event : Time interval ( in Seconds)
1] Period of atomic vibrations : 10-15
2] Period of radio wave : 10-6
3] Travel time for light from Sun to Earth : 106
4] Revolution period of the moon : 1010
Which of the above pairs are correctly matched?

Question 186

The correct expression for the time period (T) of a particle of mass (m) performing Simple Harmonic Motion, where k is a constant, is ______.

Question 187

Who has a wavelength range of 700 nm to 400 nm?

Question 188

How far should the object be placed from a concave mirror of focal length 4.8 cm, when the image is to be obtained at a distance of 12 cm from the mirror?

Question 189

The Institution of the Speaker and his role of the Indian Constitution are borrowed from the _____ constitution.

Question 190

Which of the following is a characteristic of a Proportional Representation system?

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