SSC JE Civil Engineering 29th Jan 2018 Shift-1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 181

Which of the following is the minimum thickness of a flat slab that is taken into consideration?

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Question 182

If W is the load on a circular slab of radius R, the maximum circumferential moment at the center of the slab is
1.$$ \frac{WR^2}{16} $$
2.$$ \frac{2WR^2}{16} $$
3.$$ \frac{3WR^2}{16} $$

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Question 183

The ratio of the breadth to effective depth of a beam is kept

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Question 184

A ribbed slab is provided for which of the following?

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Question 185

The thickness of the flange of a Tee beam of a ribbed slab is assumed as

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Question 186

Which of the following statements is true?

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Question 187

According to I.S. 456-1978, the thickness of reinforced concrete footing on piles at its edges is kept less than

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Question 188

If q is the punching shear resistance per unit area a, is the side of a square footing for a column of side b, carrying a weight W including the weight of the footing, the depth (D) of the footing from punching shear consideration is
A:$$ D =\frac {W (a - b)}{4a^{2} bq} $$
B:$$ D =\frac {W (a^2 - b^2)}{4a^{2} bq} $$
C:$$ D =\frac {W (a^2 - b^2)}{8a^{2} bq} $$
D:$$ D =\frac {W (a^2 - b^2)}{4abq} $$

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Question 189

The tangential component of stress on an plane inclined $$ \theta^\circ $$ to the direction of the force, may be obtained by multiplying the normal stress by ____________.
A:$$ \sin \theta $$
B:$$ \cos \theta $$
C:$$ \tan \theta $$
D:$$ \sin^2 \theta $$

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Question 190

Shear strain energy theory for the failure of a material at elastic limit is due to

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