SSC JE Civil Engineering 27th Jan 2018 Shift-2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 181

Which of the below is not a property of ferro cement?

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Question 182

If W is the load on a circular slab of radius R, the maximum radial moment at the
center of the slab is
A) $$\frac{WR^{2}}{16}$$
B) $$\frac{2WR^{2}}{16}$$
C) $$\frac{3WR^{2}}{16}$$
D) $$\frac{5WR^{2}}{16}$$

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Question 183

If the ratio of the span to the overall depth does not exceed 10, the stiffness of the beam will ordinarily be satisfactory in case of a

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Question 184

The total load on the lintel shown in the figure below will be taken as the weight of brickwork contained in ______.

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Question 185

The maximum permissible size of aggregates to be used in casting the ribs of a
slab is

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Question 186

For a number of columns constructed in a row, the type of foundation provided is

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Question 187

If the bearing capacity of soil is 10 tones/cm$$^2$$ and the projection of plain concrete footing from walls, is a cm, the depth D of footing is
A) $$D = 0.0775 a$$
B) $$D = 0.775 a$$
C) $$D = 0.775 \sqrt{a}$$
D) $$D = 0.775 a^{2}$$

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Question 188

If p is the net upward pressure on a square footing of side b for a square column of side a, the maximum bending moment is given by
A) $$B.M.=\frac{pb(c-a)}{4}$$
B) $$B.M.=\frac{pb(b-a)^{2}}{4}$$
C) $$B.M.=\frac{pb(b-a)^{2}}{8}$$
D) $$B.M.=\frac{pb(b+a)}{8}$$

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Question 189

A road of uniform cross-section A and length L is deformed by $$\delta$$, when subjected to a normal force p. The young’s modulus E of the material is
A) $$E=\frac{P.\delta}{A.L}$$
B) $$E=\frac{A.\delta}{P.L}$$
C) $$E=\frac{P.L}{A.\delta}$$
D) $$E=\frac{P.A}{L.\delta}$$

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Question 190

Total strain energy theory for the failure of a material at elastic limit is known as

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