SSC JE Civil Engineering 27th Jan 2018 Shift-1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 191

A bar of square section of area $$a^2$$ is held such that one of its diameters is vertical. The maximum shear stress will develop at a depth h where h is

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Question 192

If $$I_x$$ and $$I_Y$$ are the moments of inertia of a section about X and Y axes, the polar moment of inertia of the section is

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Question 193

In the truss shown below, the force in member DC is

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Question 194

The force in BF of the truss shown in figure below is

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Question 195

Pick up the incorrect statement from the following:
The torsional resistance of a shaft is directly proportional to

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Question 196

If the strain energy stored per unit volume in a hollow shaft subjected to a pure torque when t attains maximum shear stress fs is (17 fs)/(64 N), the ratio of the inner diameter to outer diameter is

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Question 197

The maximum height of a masonry dam of a triangular section whose base width is b and specific gravity s is

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Question 198

The locus of reaction of a two-hinged semi-circular arch is

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Question 199

The ratio of circumferential stress to the longitudinal stress in the walls of a cylindrical shell, due to flowing liquid, is

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Question 200

The equivalent length of a column of length L having one end fixed at the other end hinged is

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