SSC JE Civil Engineering 25th Jan 2018 Shift-1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 191

The thickness of slabs and beams must be measured to the nearest:-

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Question 192

A composite beam is composed of two equal strips one of brass and other of steel. If the temperature is raised

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Question 193

A linear force-deformation relation is obtained in materials

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Question 194

In a structure, why are the cables and wires are generally used?

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Question 195

The ability of a material to absorb energy till the elastic limit is known as

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Question 196

If a material has identical properties in all directions, It is said to be

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Question 197

If all the dimensions of a prismatic bar are double, then the maximum stress produced in it under its weight will

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Question 198

The ratio of the length of the column to the minimum radius of gyration of the cross sectional area of the column is known as

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Question 199

In a built-up section carrying tensile force, the flanges of two channels are turned outward

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Question 200

A tension member, if subjected to possible reversal of stress due to wind, the slenderness ratio of the member should not exceed

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