SSC JE Civil Engineering 2015


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 181

Aggregate impact value indicates which of the following properties of aggregates?

Question 182

The shape of the STOP sign according to IRC : 67-2001 is:

Question 183

Pollution potential of domestic sewage generated in a town and its industrial sewage can be compared with reference to:

Question 184

The valve which protectsthe water meter from the damages of water hammer:

Question 185

In Brinell Hardness test, the type of indentor used is:

Question 186

The intensity of direct longitudinal stress in the cross-section at any point distant r from the neutral axis, is proportional to:

Question 187

A column is known as medium size if its slenderness ratio is between:

Question 188

An arch may be subjected to:

Question 189

Mean sea level (MSL) adopted by survey of India for reference, is located at:

Question 190

Black cotton soil is not suitable for foundation because of its:

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