SSC GD 9th Dec 2021 Shift-2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 21

Select the option in which the given figure is embedded (rotation is NOT allowed).

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Question 22

In a certain code language, 'RHINO' is written as 'POJIS' and 'TIGER' is written as 'SFHJU'. How will 'HORSE' be written in that language?

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Question 23

‘Bronchitis’ is related to ‘Lungs’ in the same way as ‘Glaucoma’ is related to ‘________’.

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Question 24

Four number triads have been given, out of which three are alike in some manner and one is different. Select the number triad that is different.

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Question 25

Select the number from among the given options that can replace the question mark (?) in the following series.
46, 54, 70, 102, 166, ?

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Question 26

The Karni Mata temple in Deshnok (Deshnoke), Rajasthan is famous for the ______ that live, and are revered, in the temple.

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Question 27

Which Indian Company was adjudged as the number 1 global solar power generation asset owner in terms of operating and off-taker contracted solar projects as per the latest ranking of global solar companies by Mercom Capital USA in September 2020?

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Question 28

Umananda is a/an ______ in Assam.

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Question 29

Which Indian state won the most number of medalsat the Khelo India Youth Games 2020?

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Question 30

Which of the following tribes was defeated by the famous General of Akbar, Raja Man Singh in 1591?

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