SSC GD 7th Dec 2021 Shift-2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 61

Five years ago, the ratio of the ages of A and B was 5 : 8. Ten years from now, the ratio of their ages will be 8 : 11. What is the present age (in years) of B?

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Question 62

A salesman sells an item at a profit of 24%. If he had bought it at 12% less and sold it for ₹69 less, he would have gained 20%. Find the cost price of the item.

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Question 63

ABCD is a square of sides 30 m. What is the area of the least-sized square that can be inscribed in it with its vertices on the sides of ABCD?

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Question 64

A motorboat covers a distance of 48 km upstream in one hour more than the time taken to cover the same distance downstream. If the speed of the current of the river is 4 km/h, then what is the speed (in km/h) of the boat in still water?

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Question 65

The value of $$3 \times 8 \div 4 of 6- 6 \div 4 \times \left(13 - 15\right) + 4 - 2 \times 9 \div 6 \times 6$$ is:

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Question 66

On simplification, the expression $$1 \div \left\{\frac{1}{2} + \frac{5}{2} of \frac{1}{5} - \left(\frac{1}{4} \div \frac{1}{2} + \frac{1}{2} \times\3right)\right\}$$

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Question 67

Pipes A and B can fill an empty cistern in 12 hours and 16 hours, respectively. Both pipes are opened together and after 3 hours pipe B is closed. How much time (in hours) will pipe A take to fill the remaining cistern?

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Question 68

A can do a piece of work in 40 days. He works at it for 10 days, and then B alone finishes the remaining work in 45
days. In how many days will A and B working together finish 75% of the same work?

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Question 69

During a fashion show in a stadium, $$82\frac{2}{3}\%$$ of seats were filled out of 2100 seats. What is the total loss incurred (in ₹) in the show if each seat costs ₹160?

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Question 70

If the discount of 18% in the price of rice enables a housewife to buy 5 kg more for₹ ₹1876, then the reduced price (in ₹) of rice per kg (correct to nearest ₹) is:

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