SSC GD 22nd Nov 2021 Shift-3


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 51

The ratio of two numbers $$x$$ and y is 4 : 7. If 6 is added to $$x$$ and 7 is subtracted from y , then their ratio becomes 3 : 4.
What is the difference between $$x$$ and y?

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Question 52

The curved smface area of a right circular cylinder of height 14 cm is 176 $$cm^{2}$$. What is the area (in $$cm^{2}$$) of the base of
tbe cylinder? (Take $$\pi = \frac{22}{7}$$)

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Question 53

7 men can pack 14 boxes in 6 days by working for 7 hours a day. How many days will be required by 14 men to pack 18 boxes, if they work for 9 hours a day?

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Question 54

If HCF of 328, 451 and 697 is $$x$$ , then the vafoe of $$x$$ lies between:

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Question 55

A sum amounts to ₹9,261 in 3 years at 5% per annum, interest compounded annually. What is the simple interest (in ₹) on the same sum for $$3\frac{3}{4}$$ years at the same rate of interest?

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Question 56

A sum of ₹10500 amounts to ₹12705 in 2 years at $$x$$ % p.a., when the interest is compounded annually. The same sum will amount (in ₹) to what at 2 $$x$$ % p.a . in $$1\frac{1}{2}$$ years, when interest compounded half yearly?

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Question 57

A person travels equal distances at speeds of 3 km/h, 4 km/h, 5 km/h and 6 km/h, and takes a total time of 3 hours 48 minutes. The total distance (in km) is:

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Question 58

Pipes A, B and C can fill a tank in 10, 15 and 18 hours, respectively. A and C are opened for 5 hours, then only pipe A is closed and B is opened at the same time (with C). The total time taken to fill the tank completely is:

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Question 59

If a sum of ₹644 is divided into three paits proportional to $$\frac{1}{2} : \frac{2}{3} : \frac{3}{4}$$ then the first pa11 will be:

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Question 60

The surface areas of three coterminous faces of a cuboid are 5 $$cm^{2}$$, 16 $$cm^{2}$$, and 20 $$cm^{2}$$ respectively. Find the volume
of the cuboid.

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