SSC GD 21st Feb 2019 Shift-1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 31

Which of the following statements is NOT true about angiosperms?

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Question 32

The economic survey is usually presented ......... before the Union Budget.

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Question 33

Gita Gopinath became the first woman to occupy the position of Chief Economist of:

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Question 34

The holy place of the Jains, Shravanabelagola is situated in which district of Karnataka?

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Question 35

The Government of India releases MSP of agricultural produce from time to time. What is the full form of MSP?

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Question 36

Golconda Fort was built in the $$13^{th}$$ century by the ............. Dynasty.

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Question 37

In the context of climate. what is the full form of ITCZ?

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Question 38

The Indian athlete Dutee Chand is associated to which of the following sporting events?

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Question 39

A special property of acids and bases is their ability to ......... each other’s properties.

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Question 40

According to the report published by the World Health Organization (WHO)in 2017, approximately how many people in the world do NOT have access to safe drinking water at home?

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