SSC GD 2nd Dec 2021 Shift-3


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 41

The legendary batsman and commentator Dean Jones, who passed away on 24 September 2020 due to cardiac arrest, represented __________ in his playing days.

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Question 42

Alauddin Khalji constructed a new garrison town for his soldiers named:

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Question 43

The Hill Palace Museum is located in ______.

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Question 44

Where is the fair of Pir Budhan held every year in India?

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Question 45

World Toilet Day 2020 was celebrated with the theme of 'Sustainable sanitation and climate change'. On which date was it celebrated?

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Question 46

With which country's postal service has India's Department of Posts entered into an agreement for the electronic exchange of customs data, as in October 2020?

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Question 47

Which among the following is the oldest running Grand Slam tennis tournament?

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Question 48

Which part of the body is affected by epilepsy?

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Question 49

Who among the following received the Vikram Award from the Madhya Pradesh government for excellence in sports in August 2020?

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Question 50

Who presides over the meetings of a municipal corporation?

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