SSC GD 1st March 2019 Shift-2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 11

The statements below are followed by two conclusions labeled I and II. Assuming that the information in the statements is true, even if it appears to be at variance with generally established facts, decide which conclusion(s) logically and definitely follow(s) from the information given in the statements.
Some girls are women.
No woman is brown.
I. Some girls are not brown.
II. Some women are girls.

Question 12

Seven friends — Ajith, Bala, Hari, David, Raja, Sekar and Guna — are sitting around a circular table. David is not the neighbour of Hari and Raja. Ajith is the neighbour of Bala and Hari. Guna, who is second to the left of David, is the neighbour of Sekar and Raja.
What is the position of Hari?

Question 13

Select the number that will come next in the following series.
1, 5, 9, 17, 25, 37, 49, 65, 81, .........

Question 14

Four words have been given out of which three are alike in some manner, while one is different. Choose the odd one.

Question 15

Select the word-pair that is analogous to the given word-pair.
Bird : Fly

Question 16

Select the number that DOES NOT belong to the following group.
1, 2, 6, 21, 88, 446, 2676

Question 17

Seven students are standing in a row. B is standing to the left of C and to the right of A. D is standing to the right of E and to the left of A. F is standing to the right of C and to the left of G. Who is standing in the middle?

Question 18

Select the Venn diagram that best illustrates the relationship between the three given classes.
Carrot, Vegetables, Meat

Question 19

In the following fraction series, two fractions have been put within brackets. Study the series carefully and select the correct alternative with respect to the series.


Question 20

Select the term that will come next in the following series.
BMO, EOQ, HQS, KSU, ...........

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