SSC GD 16th Nov 2021 Shift-1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 51

The perimeter of an equilateral triangle is $$36\sqrt{3}$$ cm. Find its height .

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Question 52

A person crosses a 1600 m long street in 4 min. What is his speed (in km/h)?

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Question 53

A chair is sold for ₹720 after giving a discount of 10% on its marked price. The cost price of the chair is ₹640. If it is sold at the marked price, then the profit percentage will be:

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Question 54

What is $$12\%$$ of $$4\%$$ of $$7\%$$ of $$2 \times 10^{6}$$ ?

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Question 55

A solid metallic rec1angular block of dimensions 112 cm $$\times$$ + 44 $$\times$$ cm 25 cm is melted and recast ino a cylinder of radius 35 cm. The curved surface area (in $$cm^{2}$$) of the cylinder is: (Take $$\pi= \frac{22}{7}$$)

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Question 56

Find the value of $$45 - 3 \times ( 4 of 6 + 12 \div 3 \times 6 - 4 \times 5) + 6 $$.

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Question 57

By selling 36 m of jute. a shopkeeper gains an amount equal to the selling price of 12 m of jute. Find the gain percentage.

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Question 58

Divide ₹2,760 in two parts such that when these are invested for 2 and 4 years. respectively, at the rate of 5 % per annum simple interest, the amounts received are equal. What is the second part (in₹) invested?

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Question 59

A 72 5 m long train passes a tunnel 235 m long in 48 seconds. Find the speed of the train.

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Question 60

A batsman scored 124 runs. which included 6 boundaries and 10 sixes. What percentage of his total score did he make by running between die wickets?

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