SSC GD 13th Dec 2021 Shift-1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 51

A shopkeeper sold a book ar a loss of 14%. If the selling price had been increased by ₹100, tbere would have been a gain of 6%. What was the cost price of the book?

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Question 52

If the volume of a cone is 770 $$cm^{3}$$ and its height is 15 cm, then the radius of its base is:
(Taken $$\pi = \frac{22}{7}$$)

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Question 53

Alya borrowed some money at the rate of 5% per annum for the first 3 years. at the rate of 8% per annum for the next 4 years, and at the rate of 16% per annum for the period beyond seven years. If he pays a total interest of ₹15,730 at the end of 13 years, then how much money did he borrow?

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Question 54

The average run rate of a cricketer in 48 innings is 33. His highest score exceeds his lowest score by 144 runs. If these two innings are excluded, the average nm rate of the remaining 46 innings is 30. What is the highest score of the player?

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Question 55

75 workers could complete only one-third of a work in 20 days. It is desired that the work be finished in the next 30 days. How many more workers should be taken to complete the work in the desired tin1e?

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Question 56

The value of $$60 \div \left[50 + 7- \left\{14 + \left(24 of 2 \div 3\right) - 12 \div 4 \times 2 + 18 \div 4 \times 2\right\}\right]$$ is:

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Question 57

Find the cost of carpeting a room 14 m long and 8 m broad with a carpet 50 cm wide at the rate of ₹9.40 per $$m^{2}$$.

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Question 58

On a racing track, A and B are standing at a distance of 200 m. A walked towards B at a speed of 8 km/h, whereas B walked in the same direction at a speed of 5 km/h. What was the distance between them 1 minute before they met?

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Question 59

Simplify the fo llowing expression.
$$\frac{2}{5} - \left[1\frac{1}{3} + \left(1\frac{1}{4} - 2\frac{1}{3}\right)\right] \div 2\frac{2}{3} \times \frac{3}{5} + \frac{2}{5}$$

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Question 60

In a mixture, the ratio of milk and water is 5 3. If 4 litres of water is added to the mixture, the ratio becomes 3 : 2. Find the quantity of milk in the mixture.

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