SSC GD 12th Feb 2019 Shift-1


Identify the segment in the sentence which contains the grammatical error from the given options.

Question 81

She gave a loud shout, which heard across the village.


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 82

Select the most appropriate word to fill in the blank.
The forest officers .......... a leopard cub trapped in a pit.

Question 83

Select the most appropriate meaning of the given idiom.
Get out of hand

Question 84

Select the most appropriate synonym of the given word.

Question 85

Select the most appropriate option to substitute the underlined segment in the given sentence. If there is no need to substitute it, select No improvement.
Rishi cleared the IIT entrance examination but do not pursue engineering due to personal reasons.

Question 86

Select the most appropriate antonym of the given word.

Question 87

Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate words.
They did it as you ......... them to.

Question 88

Select the correctly spelt word.

Question 89

Select the most appropriate meaning of the given idiom.
To hold your horses


In the following passage some wordshave been deleted. Fill in the blanks with the help of the alternatives given.

Suppose you have to make a paymentof Rs. 100, you can do so in coins; but it would be ..........(1) to pay in nickel or copper coins, because it takes much time to ..........(2) them. The government .........(3) permits you to make the payment in ..........(4) Whatare these notes really? They are a kind of moneyalthough they are made of ...........(5) instead of metal.

Question 90

Fill in blank (1) with the most appropriate option.

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