SSC GD 10th Dec 2021 Shift-2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 61

What is the volume of a right circular cylinder whose area of the base is 40 $$cm^{2}$$ and the height is 7 cm?

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Question 62

The simple interest on a certain sum of money for 2 years at 15% per annum is half of the compound interest on ₹5,000 for 2 years at 10% per annum. What is the sum placed on simple interest?

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Question 63

A boat takes 2 hours to cover a certain distance downstream, but it takes $$3\frac{1}{4}$$ hours to cover the same distance upstream. If the speed of the stream is 5 km/h, then what is the speed (in km/h) of the boat in still water?

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Question 64

In a class of 80 students, 40% are girls and the rest are boys. The average weight of the boys is 55.5 kg. If the average weight of all the students in the class is 54 kg, then the average weight (in kg) of the girls is:

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Question 65

The income of A is 40% more than the income of B, and the income of C is 30% less than the total incomes of A and B. The income of A is what per cent less than the income of C?

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Question 66

A vegetable vendor buys vegetables from a wholesale market for ₹4,500. If the overhead expenses are 4% of the cost price, then at what price should he sell the vegetables to earn 15%?

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Question 67

A train X travelling at a speed of 58 km/h takes 16 seconds to completely cross another train Y travelling at a speed of 50 km/h in the opposite direction. The length of train Y is three times the length of train X. Train Y passes a bridge in 54 seconds. The length (in m) of the bridge is:

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Question 68

Simplify the following expression.
$$5 \div \frac{5}{6} \times 6 - 1 \div \times{1}{2} \times 2$$

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Question 69

A retailer buys a tricycle for ₹1,125. His overhead expenses are ₹75. If he sells the tricycle for ₹1,380, then what is his profit percentage?

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Question 70

At what rate per cent per annum will a sum of money double in 12 years?

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