SSC FCI Assistant Grade III 2012 Paper-4


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 111

Both the end digits of a 99 digit number N are 2. N is divisible by 11, then all the middle digits are

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Question 112

If $$0<x<\frac{\pi}{2}$$ and sec x=cosec y , then the value of sin(x+y) is

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Question 113

A solid wooden toy is in the shape of a right circular cone mounted on a hemisphere. If the radius of the hemisphere is 4.2 cm_-and the total ‘height of the toy is 10.2 cm, find the volume of the wooden toy (nearly)

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Question 114

A can do a piece of work in 12 days. B is 50% more efficient than A. In how many days B will finish the same work?

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Question 115

Each interior angle of a regular polygon is three times its exterior angle, then the number ofsides of the regular polygon is

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Question 116

Selling an article at a profit of 5%, Mr X gets ₹ 150 more than selling it at a loss of 5%. Mr X purchased the article at

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Question 117

The ratio of the radii of two circles is 1:2,then the ratioof their areas is

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Question 118

The true discount on a sum of money during 2 yr hence at 5% is ₹ 15. Find the sum.

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Question 119

The average weight of 5 persons sitting in a boat is 38 kgs .The average weight of boat and the persons sitting in a boat is 52 kgs.What is the weight of boat?

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Question 120

The value of the expression $$x^{4}-17x^{3}+17x^{2}-17x+17$$ at x=16 is

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