SSC CPO 14th-March-2019-Shift-2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 61

After his release from jail in 1909, Aurobindo Ghose started two weeklies namely ........ and ..........

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Question 62

...... is an epic poem by Asvaghosa. which narrates the life of Buddha fiom his birth till the time he attained Nirvana.

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Question 63

The Kama Sutra was originally compiled in the 3rd century by the Indian sage .......... who lived in northern India.

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Question 64

S Mirabai Charm and Vn'at Kohli were the recipients of the ....... for spectacular and outstanding performance in the field of sports.

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Question 65

Kumbh Mela takes place every third year at one of four places by rotation. Which of the following is NOT one of these places?

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Question 66

According to an SBI report named ......., the government should opt for unconditional cash transfer to farmers to alleviate agrarian distress rather than the Universal Basic Income (UBI) scheme.

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Question 67

What was the theme of National Girl Child Day in 2019?

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Question 68

Mohandas Gandhi was awarded the Kaisar-i-Hind award in 1915 by ..... of Penshurst for his contribution to ambulance services in South Afiica.

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Question 69

Which of the following states/union territories does NOT have more than 75% forest cover as of forest report 2017?

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Question 70

........ is the non-enzymatic reaction between reducing sugars such as glucose and proteins, lipids or nucleic acids.

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