SSC CPO 13th-March-2019-Shift-2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 141

The average of 20 numbers is 65. The average of the first 9 numbers is 68 and the average of next 8 numbers is 62. If the $$18^{th}$$ number is 3 more than $$19^{th}$$ number and 9 less than $$20^{th}$$ number. then what is the average of $$19^{th}$$ and $$20^{th}$$ number?

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Question 142

The length of shadow of a vertical pole on the ground is 24 m. If the angle of elevation of the sun at that time is $$\theta$$, such that $$\sin \theta = \frac{5}{13}$$ , then what is the height of the pole?

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Question 143

A sum of ₹ 10,200 is invested partly at 8% per annum and remaining at 6% per annum for 3 years at simple interest. If the total interest is ₹ 2,124, how much money was invested at 6% per annum?

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Question 144

The radius of a cylinder is increased by 60% and radius of base is decreased by 20%. What is percentage increase in it’s volume?

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Question 145

$$PA$$ and $$PB$$ are two tangents from a point $$P$$ outside the circle with centre $$O$$. If $$A$$ and $$B$$ are points on the circle such that $$\angle APB = 110^\circ$$, then $$\angle OAB$$ is equal to:

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Question 146

In the given pie-chart. what is the number of employees working in department A?

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Question 147

In the given histogram, in which class interval, the median lies?

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Question 148

If $$x + \frac{1}{x} = 7$$, then $$x^3 + \frac{1}{x^3}$$ is equal to:

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Question 149

In an examination, 47% passed in science and 51% failed in mathematics. If 42% failed in both subjects, what percentage passed in both subjects?

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Question 150

$$ABCD$$ is a cyclic quadrilateral such that $$AB$$ is a diameter of the circle circumscribing it and $$\angle ADC = 160^\circ$$. What is the measure of the $$\angle BAC$$?

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