SSC CPO 12th-March-2019-Shift-1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 121

What is the sum of digits of the least number. which when divided by 15, 18 and 24 leaves the remainder 8 in each case and is also divisible by 13?

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Question 122

A shopkeeper marks his aoods at a price such that after giving a discount of 25 % he gains 20% . If the cost price of the article is ₹ 460, what is its marked price?

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Question 123

If $$(x - 5)^3 + (x - 6)^3 + (x - 7)^3 = 3 (x - 5) (x - 6) (x - 7)$$, then what is the value of $$x$$?

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Question 124

A shopkeeper sold two articles for ₹ 9471 each. On one, he gained 23% and on the other, he lost 23%. What is the overall percentage gain or loss?

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Question 125

In a class of 50 students. 40% are girls. The average weight of the boys is 62 kg and that of the girls is 58 kg. What is the average weight (in kg) of the whole class?

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Question 126

The radius of a cylinder is increased by 150 cm and its height is decreased by 20 cm. What is the percentage increase in its volume?

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Question 127

The value of $$\left[ \frac{\sin^2 24^\circ+\sin^2 66^\circ}{\cos^2 24^\circ+\cos^2 66^\circ} + \sin^2 61^\circ + \cos 61^\circ \sin 29^\circ \right]$$ is equal to:

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Question 128

If $$\tan x = \cot (45^\circ + 2x)$$, then what is the value of $$x$$?

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Question 129

A, B and C started a business by investing ₹ 55,000, ₹ 65,000 and ₹ 75,000 respectively. A is a working partner and gets 20% of the profit and the remaining is distributed in the proportion of their investments. If total profit is ₹ 87,750, what is the share of A?

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Question 130

In the given bar graph, what is the average number of girls in all colleges?

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