SSC CPO 11th Nov 2022 Shift 2


Read the given passage and answer the questions that follow.

Key factors influencing subway air pollution will include station depth, date of construction, type of ventilation (natural/air conditioning), types of brakes (electromagnetic or conventional brake pads) and wheels (rubber or steel) used on the trains, train frequency and more recently the presence or absence of platform screen-door systems.

In particular, much subway particulate matter is sourced from moving train parts such as wheels and brake pads, as well as from the steel rails and power-supply materials, making the particles dominantly iron-containing.
To date, there is no clear epidemiological indication of abnormal health effects on underground workers and commuters. New York subway workers have been exposed to such air without significant observed impacts on their health, and no increased risk of lung cancer was found among subway train drivers in the Stockholm subway system.

But a note of caution is struck by the observations of scholars who found that employees working on the platforms of Stockholm underground, where PM concentrations were greatest, tended to have higher levels of risk markers for cardiovascular disease than ticket sellers and train drivers.

The dominantly ferrous particles are mixed with particles from a range of other sources, including rock ballast from the track, biological aerosols such as bacteria and viruses, and air from the outdoors, and driven through the tunnel system on turbulent air currents generated by the trains themselves and ventilation systems.

Question 191

What is the passage about?

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Question 192

Inferring from passage, what is the most practical way of reducing the health risk of subway life?

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Question 193

What is the tone of the speaker?

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Question 194

Which of the following diseases is found commonly among workers in underground subways?

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Question 195

Select the most suitable word from the passage which means ‘not covered or hidden’.

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In the following passage, some words have been deleted. Read the passage carefully and select the most appropriate option to fill in each blank.

It is indeed (1) _______ to create an urban forest to control air pollution. It is like a child’s play if (2)_______ awareness is created among people of all ages. Just (3)_______ a mango seed
or a jackfruit seed into fertile ground or make seed bombs for the seed to sprout during rainy season. Authorities must take (4)________ measures to ensure a part of the town or city is allocated to plant trees. This ensures the (5)________ of adequate oxygen to people.

Question 196

Select the most appropriate option to fill in blank number 1.

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Question 197

Select the most appropriate option to fill in blank number 2.

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Question 198

Select the most appropriate option to fill in blank number 3.

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Question 199

Select the most appropriate option to fill in blank number 4.

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Question 200

Select the most appropriate option to fill in blank number 5.

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