SSC CPO 06 June 2016 Morning Shift


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 31

If P is sitting second to the left of S and Q is sitting third to the right of R. T sits immediate right of S, Q is not on immediate ate right or left of S. Who is sitting on the immediate right of R ?

Question 32

Select the odd word from the given alternatives.

Question 33

Select the odd number from the given alternatives.

Question 34

Identify the diagram that best represents the relationship among the classes given.
Whales, Fishes, Crocodiles

Question 35

Which of the following cubes can be created by folding the given figure ?

Question 36

Babita is Ajay’s wife and Chiranjiv is Divya’s father. If Ajay's mother-in-law is wife of Divya’s grandfather, then what is the relation of Babita with Chiranjiv’s wife ?

Question 37

If GOPAL is coded as MIVUR, then how will RADHA be coded as:

Question 38

Select the missing number from the given responses.
121 81 49
100 64 36
15 16 25
? 31 41

Question 39

Select the odd number from the given alternatives.

Question 40

In the following question, a series is given with one or more number (s) missing. Choose the correct alternative from the given options.
?, 5, 30, 186, 1309, 10480

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