SSC CHSL 9th March 2023 Shift-3


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 51

The table given below shown the production of bike and truck by five companies.

A1 = The difference between the total production of bikes and trucks by all the 5 companies.
A2 = The average production of bike by company D, F and H.
What is the value of(A2/A1)?

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Question 52

If $$\tan x = \frac{10}{17}$$, then what is the value of $$sin$$ X?

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Question 53

Side of an equilateral triangle is 12 cm. What will be the radius of incircle of his equilateral triangle?

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Question 54

The average age of a class of 6 girls is x years. Four new girls having ages x - 2, x + 4, x + 8 and x - 10 joins the class.
What is the average age of the class?

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Question 55

In $$\triangle$$DEF, M and N are the points on sides DE and DF respectively. MN is parallel to EF and MN : EF - 2 : 5. If DE = 60 cm, then what is the length of ME?

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Question 56

Two identical circles touch each other externally at point Z. XY is a direct common tangent. which touches the circles at X and Y respectively. What is the $$\angle$$XYZ?

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Question 57

The line chart given below shows the salary of 6 employees of a company.

What is the ratio of salary of F to the salary of H?

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Question 58

What is the value of $$(a + b + 2c) (a^{2} + b^{2} + 4c^{2} - ab - 2bc - 2ca)$$?

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Question 59

X alone can complete a work in 18 days and Y alone can do the same work in half time of the time taken by X. Working together what part of the same work they can complete in a day?

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Question 60

What is the value of $$( 1 + \tan \theta - \sec \theta ( 1 + \cot \theta + \cosec \theta)$$?

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