SSC CHSL 7 March 2018 Afternoon Shift


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 91

______ are details of appearance or behavior or in other words, a particular form or a particular function in classification of organisms.

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Question 92

97% of the total debt of all state power distribution companies has been covered till June 2017 under the ‘UDAY’ scheme. What does ‘D’ stand for in‘UDAY’?

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Question 93

The secret Zuma Mission for United States government has been launched on board of SpaceX’s ______ rocket.

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Question 94

The ‘National Trade Facilitation Action Plan’ has been formulated for implementation of World Trade Organisation’s Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA).It will be implemented in between the years ______.

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Question 95

The Government of India has been actively working on the provisions of ‘FRDI’ Bill, 2017. What does ‘D’ stand for in ‘FRDI’?

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Question 96

Calculate the pressure (in Pa) if a thrust of 800 N is applied to an area of 16 m2.

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Question 97

The SI unit of acceleration is __________.

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Question 98

Warm air is ______.

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Question 99

Which of the statements given below are correct?
A) Rafael Nadal won the Tennis 2017 Australian Open Men's Singles.
B) In 2017, Maverick Viñales raced in MotoGP for Yamaha.
C) In 2017, Lewis Hamilton raced in Formula One for Ferrari.

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Question 100

In Microsoft Word, first line and hanging are special forms of ____________.

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