SSC CHSL 26 March 2018 Morning Shift


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 81

The Ukai project is situated

Question 82

Who was the exponent of Lokayata Darshana?

Question 83

What was the theme of the 5th Global Conference on Cyber Space (GCCS), held in November, 2017?

Question 84

Who among the following is NOT a Miss World?

Question 85

Which is the chief crop of Sri Lanka in which country is self-sufficient?

Question 86

In nuclear reactor, cadmium rods are used as which of the following?

Question 87

Which of the following is used in gunpowder?

Question 88

According to Indian Constitution, there are three organs of government. Which among the following is/are NOT an organ/organs of it?
I. The legislature
II. The Media
III. The Judiciary

Question 89

Decisions made by which court are binding on all other courts in India?

Question 90

The sperms formed in testes are delivered through the ______ which unites with a tube coming from the urinary bladder.

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