SSC CHSL 25th May 2022 Shift-2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 51

In Class 8 of a school, the ratio of students playing cricket to those playing football is 27 : 13, while the ratio of those playing football to those playing hockey is 26 : 14. If the total number of students in Class 8 is 470, and each student plays exactly one game, find the percentage of students of the class playing cricket. [Give your answer correct to two decimal places.]

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Question 52

The table below provides information about the marks obtained by a group of students in a test.

How many students scored at least 30 marks but less than 40 marks in the test?

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Question 53

If $$\sec \theta - \cos \theta = 14$$ and 14$$\sec \theta$$ = x, then the value of x is _________.

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Question 54

If $$x\frac{1}{x}=-13$$, what is the value of $$x^{4}+\frac{1}{x^{4}}$$

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Question 55

If $$\left(x\frac{1}{x}\right)= 7.5$$, what is the value of $$\left(X^{3}+\frac{1}{X^{3}}\right)$$

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Question 56

The population of a city increases at the rate of 10% per annum. If the population of the city was 2 crore in 2018, then the population of the city in the year 2021 was:

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Question 57

What will be a single equivalent discount for successive discounts of 20%, 40% and 75% on the marked price of an item?

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Question 58

Study the given graph carefully and answer the question that follows.

In which of the following years was the sales of company 1 exactly half of the total sales of companies 2 and 3 together in that year?

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Question 59

In a company there are only two types of employees, workers and officers. 35% of the employees are officers and the average monthly salary of an officer is ₹39,000 more than the combined average monthly salary of an employee. What is the difference between the average monthly salaries of an officer and a worker?

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Question 60

Simplify $$\left[7\frac{1}{2}\div\left\{1\frac{1}{4}-\frac{1}{2}\left(2\frac{1}{2}-\frac{1}{4}-\overline{\frac{1}{4}-\frac{1}{6}}\right)\right\}\right]$$

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