SSC CHSL 20th October 2020 Shift-1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 91

Which of the following is the basic SI unit of thermo dynamic temperature?

Question 92

Which of the following sites of Indus valley civilization is not on the bank of river Indus?

Question 93

Who had proposed the motto of Olympics?

Question 94

Related area of Golden Revolution is:

Question 95

Which of the following is a group of bacteria found in human intestines, whose presence in water indicates contamination by disease-causing microorganisms?

Question 96

Who among the following won the World Badminton championship title in 2019?

Question 97

Which Article of the Constitution of India states the directive principles of state policy on ‘promotion of international peace and security’?

Question 98

Transistors belong to which of the following generation of the computers?

Question 99

Which of the following is not a softcopy devices?

Question 100

Which state in India was the first to introduce the 'Mid-day Meal Scheme' for school children?

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