SSC CHSL 20 December 2015 Morning Shift


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 191

If density of oxygen is times that of hydrogen, what will he their corresponding ratio of velocity of sound ?

Question 192

Seismography is the science of

Question 193

Cuba is the largest producer of

Question 194


Question 195

R.K. Laxman died on January 26, 2015. He was a leading _______ of India.

Question 196

Who has authored the book The Kingdom of God is Within You ?

Question 197

Which of the following colour of light deviates least through the prism ?

Question 198

A demand curve, which is parallel to the horizontal axis, showing quantity, has the price clasticity equal to

Question 199

Which city will host the 2022 Common wealth Games (CWG)

Question 200

The deterioration of a metal by an electrochemical process is commonly termed as

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