SSC CHSL 20 December 2015 Evening Shift


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 181

Nagarjun Sagar project is on the river

Question 182

The recapitulation theory was proposed by

Question 183

Which State Legislative Assembly has the maximum strength (number of members) ?

Question 184

Mohiniattam dance form developed originally in which of the following states ?

Question 185

Reactions of automobile exhausts in the presence of sunlight leads to the formation of

Question 186

Vardhamana Mahaveera attained Parinirvana at

Question 187

Indian banks have the maximum foreign branches in

Question 188

What is the number of players on each side in Baseball ?

Question 189

Name the person who started ‘Young Italy’

Question 190

The first Indian woman to reach Olympic final in individual track events was

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