SSC CHSl 19 Jan 2017 Morning Shift


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 21

A word is represented by only one set of numbers as given in any one of the alternatives. The sets of numbers given in the alternatives are represented by two classes of alphabets as shown in the given two matrices. The columns and rows of Matrix-I are numbered from 0 to 4 and that of Matrix-II are numbered from 5 to 9. A letter from these matrices can be represented first by its row and next by its column, for example, V can be represented by 21, 40, etc., and U can be rep-resented by 96, 67, etc. Similarly, you have to identify the set for the word CARRY. 

                     Matrix - I

                   Matrix - II

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Question 22

A man says to a lady, "Your father is the father-­in-­law of my father's only child." How is the lady related to the man?

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Question 23

If a mirror is placed on the line MN, then which of the answer figures is the right image of the given figure ?

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Question 24

Identify the diagram that best represents the relationship among the given classes.
Vegetable, Park, Carrot

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Question 25

A piece of paper is folded and punched as shown below in the question figures. From the given answer figures, indicate how it will appear when opened.

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Question 26

The command that merges the contents of one file to another is

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Question 27

Dishwasher was invented by ..................

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Question 28

Prothrombin, responsible for clotting of blood is released by..................

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Question 29

Acacia arabica is the scientific name of

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Question 30

Cannis Vulpes is the scientific name of

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